True Freedom In Your Life

Beloved in Christ Jesus, MERDEKA means freedom; freedom to determine the fate of our own people without any pressure from foreign influences; broke away from the colonization of other foreign nations. But, the question now is have we really enjoyed that true freedom in your life? Outwardly we may seem freed from slavery and colonialism of other nations or tribes, but are we really completely free spiritually, or are we still bound by other kind of bondage. As believers we should be grateful because by the sacrifice of Christ on the cross we have received the forgiveness of sin and “…having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.” (Romans 6:18); we are no longer slaves of sin, but became slaves of righteousness. So “Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1) This forgiveness from Christ is the power that sets us free completely, thus allowing us to have a victorious life in all aspects of our life. Unfortunately, there are still many Christians chained and enslaved by other powers. We are still under the deception of the devil and the world; controlled by the spirit of revenge, resentment, and hatred, greed for money, tradition, occultism and others. We do not live as God desires.

We are set free by Christ from the power of sin so that we use that freedom for a righteous living and pleasing to God. There are some people, however who abuse that freedom as an opportunity to commit sin. Remember this one thing – the freedom of Christ is not merely to deliver us from sin, but to restore God’s purpose in creating us so that we may live in righteousness until we conform to the image of Him. Beloved, let us abide in God’s righteousness because this is what that set us free from all bondage. The Lord Jesus bless you . Amen!